Is Airhouse a fit for me?
Is Airhouse a fit for me?

Is Airhouse a fit for me?

Airhouse is a great fit for many, but not well-suited to particular fulfillment models and product types.


Airhouse is the best fit for companies that meet all of the following criteria:

1) Ecommerce Platform

Your ecommerce platform must be one of the following:

✔️ Shopify

✔️ Squarespace

✔️ API (For use only with proprietary websites. We do not allow use of our API to integrate with unsupported platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, Wix or Weebly, Zapier, and others.)

✔️ Manual order upload (Recommended only for short-term or transitional use)

2) Product Eligibility

Your company must manufacture at least some of your own branded goods. We work with a range of product types, with restrictions below:

✔️ Apparel. Apparel companies must agree with these requirements.

✔️ Temperature. Airhouse provides both ambient and air-conditioned storage (70°F). We do not ship products that require storage at temperatures below 70°F, including refrigerated and frozen products. ✔️ Merchandise or swag. Airhouse can fulfill these goods only if your order volume exceeds 2,000 orders/month.

We do not work with the following types of products:

❌ Hazardous goods. No batteries, nail polish, flammable materials, explosives, hand sanitizer, aerosols.

❌ Regulated or restricted goods that require special licensing to fulfill. No alcohol, tobacco, prescription medicine, or marijuana/THC, ammunition or firearms. We can fulfill CBD products. No plants, animals or other living organisms. No illegal goods.

❌ Personalized or made-to-order items. We do not perform embroidery, hand painting, hand writing, or any form of onsite order-level product customization. However, if only a percentage of your orders are personalized, we can easily exclude (not fulfill) those orders, and fulfill the remainder of non-personalized orders. ❌ Hateful or violent content that promotes discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or medical status, political or religious beliefs, or national or ethnic origin.

3) Fulfillment Type

Airhouse is tailored for direct-to-consumer-first (D2C) ecommerce fulfillment. Below are the types of fulfillment models we support:

✔️ D2C, B2B and D2C/B2B model. We work with companies that primarily sell products direct-to-consumer, or have a large percentage of D2C volume. We also support B2B/wholesale fulfillment.

✔️ Need US-based warehouse(s). We work with companies that are headquartered globally, but in order to use Airhouse, you must be looking for fulfillment and storage in the United States. At this time, we do not have facilities outside of the US. Airhouse does still ship internationally from the US.

We do not work with the following fulfillment models:

 Marketplace or retail model. Airhouse is generally not a good fit if your brand itself is a retail or marketplace brand that ships others' products.

One-off project. We don't ship marketing campaigns or any projects independent of ongoing ecommerce fulfillment. We happily ship crowdfunded campaigns that transition into regular ecommerce/D2C fulfillment.

4) Shipment Type

Airhouse can accommodate the following types of shipments:

✔️ Small parcel shipping only, with select freight shipping. We do not currently support D2C same-day courier shipping, i.e. where local couriers like Postmates/Uber/DoorDash or direct customer pickup from the warehouse. We also do not support D2C freight shipping, i.e. when your average product cannot be shipped small parcel (like UPS, FedEx, USPS) and instead requires palletization and freight pickup (>150lbs, or XL dimensions). However, we do support freight shipping for B2B/wholesale orders.