Cool Storage FAQ
Cool Storage FAQ

Cool Storage FAQ

How does cool storage work?

Cool storage units of space with Airhouse are called blocks and measure 12" long x 24" wide x 30” tall. Blocks are allotted based on your expected average inventory needs and are SKU-agnostic, i.e. one block can contain multiple SKUs. Unlike ambient storage, you will be billed the same amount per month regardless of how much inventory has depleted during your billing cycle, unless you request a decrease or increase in storage needs.

How to modify your cool storage allotment

Airhouse’s cool storage is managed differently from our ambient storage. Temperature-controlled storage has uniquely strict constraints in terms of capacity limits, energy cost, and inventory management and turnover complexity.

  • To set up blocks, when you first move inventory in, Airhouse will count the number of blocks your inventory occupies. At this time, we will share the number of blocks expected and you can request more if you expect your storage needs will rapidly change, e.g. if you are working with us on a trial basis. If you provide the dimensions of your master cases in advance of receiving, Airhouse may be able to provide you with an estimate.
  • To decrease the number of blocks reserved, you must give 60 days’ written notice to your Account Manager.
  • To increase the number of blocks reserved, you must request an increase from your Account Manager. We can grant space if available.
  • To relocate inventory from cool to ambient storage, or vice versa: We do not recommend customers relocate inventory or move products between ambient and cool storage in an Airhouse warehouse based on season or external temperature. If necessary, you can remove inventory at hourly cost, with a minimum charge of $500. This minimum of $500 does not apply if you are terminating your contract with Airhouse, in which case you would be billed the standard hourly and/or pick/pack rate for all inventory removal.