Apparel Restrictions
Apparel Restrictions

Apparel Restrictions

To work with Airhouse, apparel companies must meet the criteria set below:

  1. Your company must manufacture your own branded product. Airhouse does not work with the following types of companies:
    • Marketplaces (selling products from multiple vendors)
    • Retailers (selling products from multiple manufacturers or wholesalers)
    • Curated services
    • Made-to-order
  2. We cannot support any level of personalization. This includes shipping items on hangers, embroidery services, or screen printing services.
  3. All of your products must be labeled and barcoded.
    • If needed, Airhouse can digitally create and provide barcode numbers.
    • Airhouse stores each SKU in its own bin, and storage will be charged at a bin rate.
    • We recommend putting each garment in a plastic or compostable inner sleeve to make re-packaging easier.*
  4. Airhouse supports specific returns scenarios.
    • Airhouse can accommodate the following returns requests:
      • Refold
      • Re-package, if you send the materials
      • Re-barcode, using Airhouse's labels
      • Inspect if products are opened, dirty, or worn
      • Inform you if products are damaged or undamaged
      • Send photos
    • Airhouse cannot accommodate the following returns requests:
      • Steam
      • Relabel products with branded or custom tags
  5. Airhouse does not have a SKU limit for apparel fulfillment.

*Recommended, not required. Airhouse does not insure against basic dust damage.