A-Z: Sending Inventory to Airhouse
A-Z: Sending Inventory to Airhouse

A-Z: Sending Inventory to Airhouse

Each time you ship inventory to Airhouse, you'll need to complete two steps:

  1. Label incoming boxes and pallets according to our instructions:
  2. How to Prep Inventory for Receiving
    How to Prep Inventory for Receiving
  3. Complete a inventory order through Restock
  4. How to Use Restock
    How to Use Restock

Do not ship inventory before completing these steps. Inventory sent without this information may be turned away unless otherwise approved by your Airhouse contact ahead of time.

What to Expect

After your inventory arrives in our warehouse, our receiving team identifies it using two essential pieces of information labeled on the box/pallet before we unpack it: the Airhouse inventory order code (e.g. #A7CG-07YD) and tracking number. We receive a significant amount of inventory each day, so this helps us identify your products and put them in line to be unpacked and stocked.

Tracking information for parcel shipments are required prior to delivery, otherwise shipments may be turned away or charged as non-standard receiving. For freight shipments, a delivery appointment is required, please email receiving@airhouse.io to schedule.

From delivery, inventory takes a minimum of 3-5 days to stock, depending on the total number of units and SKUs. First-time receiving after onboarding may take a few extra days as we set up your storage space in the warehouse for the first time.

After we scan in your items, you'll be able to see them in stock in Inventory and in your Shopify store. A member of our team will also notify you.

If you're completing a trial with us, stock times may be longer to accommodate the needs of the trial, e.g. special packaging and setup time.

If you're onboarding with us, we'll need to complete a few extra steps to turn on fulfillment. This is a safeguard so that orders you or an existing warehouse are shipping won't double-fulfill. We'll confirm with you before we switch everything on and process any outstanding orders.


My items aren't labeled with barcodes. Please pack products separately if unbarcoded. Products must be labeled with their name and variant, matching what's in your Shopify store. Airhouse will then barcode all product prior to stocking inventory and will be charged as non-standard receiving.

I need extra inspection or work like co-packing done upon receiving. This must be arranged in advance with our team and is subject to our hourly warehouse prep fee. This will add time to the receiving process as well. We can help estimate both over email.

I have my own inventory order codes. Inventory orders must be unique within our system, so we require you use our Airhouse-generated codes. We do not currently accept inventory order codes generated from other inventory tools.

I need a feature that's not in Restock. Reach out to a member of our team to request what you need. We'll see if we can help!