How to Use Restock
How to Use Restock

How to Use Restock

After you sync your store to Airhouse, your Account Manager will unlock the ability to send inventory via Restock for you after we review your SKUs. This is where you'll share details for sending inventory, request freight coordination, and view all incoming/historical inventory orders.


1. Packing List

In this sections, tell us how the inventory will be packed and what you are sending in order to generate a packing list for the warehouse. This list allows us plan for a smooth receiving process and compare received vs. expected inventory counts after the shipment(s) arrives.

For full labeling requirements, please view Inventory Prep.


Select all SKUs sent in the inventory shipment + number of units per SKU. No longer needs to be broken out by box/pallet since that information is not transferred to the warehouse.

Can't find your products in Restock? Only SKUs that have been added to Airhouse will be available to send. If you need to add SKUs from your Shopify store, go to Inventory > Manage SKUs.

Packaging Supplies

Select from a pre-populated list of packaging supplies to indicate any packaging that will arrive with the inventory shipment and the quantity of each item.

If you are sending packaging items that are not in the list, add note outlining what you are sending and how many units of each item. Please include packaging dimensions.

2. Delivery Details

For each inventory shipment, let us know how your inventory shipment will be arriving to the warehouse.

Warehouse Selection

If you are using multiple Airhouse locations, select which warehouse are are sending the corresponding shipment to.

If you want to send inventory to multiple warehouses, create separate inventory shipments.

Carrier Details

Select what type of carrier will be delivering the inventory to the warehouse.

Standard Parcel Delivery- the warehouse requires tracking information for all parcel shipments prior to delivery. If not tracking information is provided, the warehouse may turn away the shipment.

Freight Delivery - the warehouse requires delivery appointment to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance by emailing with this information. If a freight shipment arrives to the warehouse and no delivery appointment is scheduled, the warehouse will refuse the delivery.

Freight Coordination

If your inventory shipment is being sent via freight, you have the option to request for Airhouse to coordinate the inbound freight shipment for you. Please provide all required information for us to be able to provide a quote.


3. Project Requests

If there is any project work that needs to be completed with receiving and stocking this inventory in the shipment, please add a project request. This can include barcoding, case creation/breakdown, kitting, or an inventory audit.

Sending products without barcodes? We cannot support all non-barcoded SKUs so please check with your Account Manager. For approved items, please separate barcoded and non-barcoded products and create unique inventory shipment for each batch. For non-barcoded products, be sure to mark each SKU accordingly.

4. Saving vs. Submitting

When creating an inventory shipment on Restock, you can either save or submit the information you have added.

Save Draft - this will save the information you have added to the inventory shipment and allow you to go back and update or add any missing information.

Submit - submitting the inventory shipment in Restock will lock in the information you provided and send the information to the warehouse team. If you have requested freight coordination, this request will be shared with your Account Manager and we will follow up with a quote.

If your inventory shipment arrives at the warehouse prior to you submitting it in Restock, your shipment could be turned away by the warehouse or you could be charged for non-standard receiving.

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