How to Use Restock
How to Use Restock

How to Use Restock

After you sync your store, we will manually unlock the ability to send inventory via Restock for you after we review your SKUs. This is where you'll share details for sending inventory and view all incoming/historical inventory orders.

1. Delivery

We can unload both boxes (floor-loaded, arriving from a shipping carrier like UPS or FedEx) and pallets (arriving via freight). For each inventory shipment, let us know how your products will arrive.

Sending products without barcodes? We cannot support all non-barcoded SKUs so please check with your Account Manager. For approved items, please separate barcoded and non-barcoded products and create unique inventory shipment for each batch. For non-barcoded products, be sure to mark each SKU accordingly.

2. Packing List

In this section, add all incoming SKUs and quantities to generate a packing list for our warehouse. This list lets us plan for a smooth receiving process and compare received vs. expected inventory counts after everything arrives.

For full labeling requirements, please view Inventory Prep.


  1. Add all SKUs and quantities you're sending
  2. Label exterior of all shipping boxes according to guidelines
  3. Add tracking numbers for the shipment. If you don't have these right when you create the inventory shipment, please return to Restock ASAP and add once available.


  1. Add all SKUs and quantities you're sending
  2. Provide contact details for the freight company
  3. Select the estimated delivery date
  4. Separately, email the bill of lading from your freight carrier to your Airhouse contact

Can't find your products in Restock?

Only SKUs that have been added to Airhouse will be available to send. If you need to add SKUs from your Shopify store, go to Inventory > Manage SKUs.

3. Warehouse

Select the warehouse approved by your Airhouse contact to view the shipping address.

4. View all inventory orders

Once you've submitted an inventory order, you can view it from the main list of inventory orders in Restock. You'll be able to see the status of the delivery and its contents. If you've just submitted an inventory order, it may take a minute or two for the tracking info to update.

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