How to Prep Inventory for Receiving
How to Prep Inventory for Receiving

How to Prep Inventory for Receiving

To physically pack inventory, please label according to the following instructions for boxes, pallets and other materials (i.e. packaging, inserts).

Label all incoming inventory with the provided unique Airhouse code (e.g. #A7CG-07YD), either on boxes or in your freight bill of lading. Do not reuse this code for future inventory orders.


Each product must arrive in our warehouse ready to ship:

  1. Barcoded - Please see our barcoding requirements for further details.
  2. Packed individually - Each product is barcoded and packed individually so that the physical SKU matches the digital SKU, or, what ships out must match how it arrives from your factory. For example, if you sell items in 1-packs but they arrive at the warehouse shrink-wrapped in 5-packs from your factory, the 1-packs must be barcoded and arrive in singles. If this doesn’t match, we must set up special receiving instructions and/or Case SKUs to match the physical inventory to digital inventory.
  3. Ready to handle and label - i.e. safe if dropped; dust bags for apparel, sturdy product packaging if fragile. If we're barcoding, products must arrive with clear space to barcode on labels or packaging

If products are not warehouse-ready, notify us first via email. Depending on the level of work needed, the product may be subject to hourly warehouse prep charges.

Best Practices for Wholesale Products + Cases:
  • Create unique SKUs and barcodes for product that you would like stocked as cases.
  • Request that your manufacturer pack and label inventory meant to be stocked as cases with the corresponding case SKU and barcode, instead of the single unit SKU and barcode.
  • When creating a Restock, make sure to specify how many units of the case SKU you want to be stocked, as well as how many units of the single-unit SKU you want to be stocked.
  • Submit wholesale orders using case SKUs.


If your manufacturer cannot label boxes with the Airhouse inventory order code, please include it on your shipping label in the recipient field with no extra address information, i.e. below.


Airhouse, PO#A7CG-07YD 123 Warehouse Ave. Anytown, CA 00000

Incorrect 🚫

Airhouse Team 123 Warehouse Ave. Anytown, CA 00000

Incorrect 🚫

The Dog Food Company 123 Warehouse Ave. Anytown, CA 00000

If sending multiple boxes and your manufacturer cannot place a packing slip in each, please place it in the lead box.

Box and Carton Packing Requirements

Sent via general shipping carrier, i.e. UPS/FedEx/USPS and/or loaded onto pallets

  1. Generate a Airhouse inventory PO code from Restock, e.g. #A7CG-07YD
  2. OVERALL, ship inventory in as few boxes as possible
  3. INSIDE of each box/carton:
    • If sending multiple SKUs in a single box/carton, separate each SKU into its own clear bag labeled with:
      1. Product name
      2. Barcode number (or SKU, if barcoding needed)
      3. Quantity
  4. NOT FULL boxes/cartons should be filled with recyclable materials to fill the void whenever possible or use an alternative size that is more appropriate to the contents.
  5. MAXIMUM WEIGHT of a box/carton should not exceed 44 lbs (20 kg) each. Where this is not possible, it must be clearly labeled as requiring a 2 person lift.
  1. BEFORE CLOSING THE BOX/CARTON, include a packing slip with total contents of box:
    1. Product name
    2. Barcode number (or SKU, if barcoding needed)
    3. Quantity
  2. SEAL box/carton using adhesive tape. Banding/stapling of cartons is not permitted.
  3. LABEL all boxes/cartons sequentially numbered throughout the whole delivery (1 of 10, 2 of 10 and so on...).
  4. OUTSIDE of each box/carton, please label with a box/carton label on the front and side including the unique Airhouse inventory PO code and your company name. Please download and print below file for labels.
    • e.g. #A7CG-07YD / The Dog Food Company
  1. TRACKING numbers must be added in the corresponding inventory PO order in Airhouse

Pallet Loading Requirements

Deliveries of 20+ cartons need to be palletized and loaded onto good quality 4 way pallets (not CHEP/red/plastic/cardboard pallets). Broken/CHEP/red/plastic/cardboard pallets would potentially lead to a refusal of the delivery or a re-work charge

Palletized deliveries must meet the following criteria. Where a delivery doesn’t meet these requirements, the delivery will be re-stacked onto a new pallet and will not be subject to SLA. Time taken to re-stack will be charged as non-standard receiving.

Pallets sent via freight carrier

  1. Generate an Airhouse inventory order code from Restock, e.g. #A7CG-07YD
  2. Pack as follows:
    1. Must be stacked and shrink-wrapped on standard white, 40" x 47" UK pallets (1200 x 1000 mm)
    2. Must be built to a maximum height of 63" (1600 mm)
    3. Each pallet must not exceed 1102 lbs (500 kg)
    4. Pallets should be sorted in such a way that pallets contain the smallest number of different styles/colors of products
    5. Any box/carton that contain more than one SKU should be clearly identified and kept on one pallet on the top layer(s)
    6. Boxes/cartons should be loaded by in sequential carton number order – i.e lowest carton number first. POs should not be mixed over pallets unless one PO is too big for one pallet. POs mixed across pallets may result in a re-work charge. Where possible, apply the same rules to Best Before Dates/Lot numbers. Any pallets containing multiple PO/Lot numbers should be clearly marked as mixed
    7. Pallets should be secured using clear shrink wrap and tightly wrapped with no material hanging
    8. Stacked with no boxes overhanging any sides of the pallet or leaning in any way
    9. Label each pallet to include # of cartons, UPCs, product description(s), quantity(ies) and Airhouse inventory PO number, e.g. #A7CG-07YD
  3. Schedule a delivery appointment by emailing with this information
  4. Email us the bill of lading and add the freight tracking number in the corresponding inventory order in Airhouse

Container Loading Requirements

  1. Cartons should be loaded in sequential carton number order – i.e lowest carton number first
  2. Cartons should be loaded with supplier label facing the door
  3. Any cartons that contain more than one SKU should be clearly identified marked as the last carton on the PO (24 of 24 rather than 8 of 24)
  4. Any cartons that are not full carton quantity should be clearly identified and packed alongside the rest of the PO
  5. The load should be secure and not in danger of falling once container doors are opened onsite. Failure to comply may result in refusal of the load and/or a fine


If shipping packaging or inserts, please let your Airhouse contact know via email and we will assist with setup, given these may not be SKUs in your Shopify store. We'll need tracking numbers and unique inventory order codes for these as well.

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