How To Set Up a Shopify Location
How To Set Up a Shopify Location

How To Set Up a Shopify Location

Shopify Locations

Airhouse uses locations in Shopify to sync inventory levels, present shipping methods to customers at checkout, and fulfill orders.

If you are only fulfilling orders via Airhouse, it is best to only have one location enabled.

If you are split fulfilling via Airhouse and another location, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Fulfillment location is set during checkout by Shopify, not by Airhouse. This may affect what shipping methods are displayed to customers.
  • An order's location will update to Airhouse once the order is in the In Progress status. This is to ensure Airhouse properly decrements inventory values.
If intending to fulfill from other locations in Shopify (split fulfillment), it's recommended to read the following Shopify help documentation for a general understanding of how the process works. Shopify Location Documentation

How To Set Up a Location

  1. In Shopify, go to your store settings and click on "Add location."
  2. image

  3. Copy the location ID from the URL in your web browser.
  4. image

  5. Paste the location ID in your fulfillment settings in Airhouse and click save.
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  7. Done!

Preferred Location Settings

To better control which location Shopify selects for fulfillment, please:

  • Set Airhouse as the highest fulfillment priority.
  • Set Airhouse as the default location.