How to Set Up Shipping
How to Set Up Shipping

How to Set Up Shipping

How Shipping Methods Work in Airhouse

As orders come through Airhouse, we check the shipping method your customer selected to determine how an order will ship. This method relies on mapping the rate name to an Airhouse mapped method (shown below).

If an order does not have a valid and mapped shipping method, Airhouse will use the default shipping method that you set with your Account Manager during onboarding.

All internally placed orders will utilize the default shipping method. Defaults are set to "Standard Shipping" and "International Standard" if unspecified during onboarding.

How to Name Methods

Below are the available options for shipping method names. In order to use these services, make sure to enter the exact name in the Rate Name column in your e-commerce platform (e.g. "Standard Shipping"). In the case where there are multiple methods listed in Mapped Methods, the method being sent will depend on the warehouse location shipping the order.

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have questions about which shipping methods are available at your warehouse location.

Any method with a * is only available at select warehouses.

Method Names

Rate NameMapped Methods
Standard Shipping
Tiered Method Based On Order Weight
Ground Shipping
UPS Ground*Fedex Ground *
Express Shipping
UPS 2 Day Air*Fedex 2 Day Air *
Overnight Shipping
UPS Next Day Air*Fedex Overnight *
International Standard
DHL eCommerce Standard Parcel International *USPS First Class InternationalUSPS Priority Mail International
International Express
DHL Express Worldwide*
UPS Surepost
UPS Surepost*
UPS Ground
UPS Ground*
UPS Ground Commercial
UPS Ground*
UPS Next Day Air
UPS Next Day Air*
UPS 2nd Day Air
UPS 2 Day Air*
Fedex Smartpost
Fedex Smartpost **Warehouse Dependent
Fedex Ground
Fedex Ground **Warehouse Dependent
Fedex Ground Home Delivery
Fedex Home Delivery (Ground Residential) **Warehouse Dependent
Fedex 2 Day Air
Fedex 2 Day Air **Warehouse Dependent
Fedex Overnight
Fedex Overnight **Warehouse Dependent
USPS Media Mail
USPS Media Mail
USPS Ground Advantage
USPS Ground AdvantagePreviously First Class Mail
USPS Priority Mail
USPS Priority Mail
USPS First Class Package International
USPS First Class International
USPS Priority Mail International
USPS Priority Mail International
USPS Priority Mail Express International
USPS Priority Mail Express International **Warehouse Dependent
DHL Smartmail Parcel Expedited
DHL Smartmail Parcel Expedited*
DHL Smartmail Parcel Plus Expedited
DHL Smartmail Parcel Plus Expedited*
DHL Express Worldwide
DHL Express Worldwide*
DHL Express Worldwide DDU
DHL Express Worldwide*
DHL Parcel International Standard
DHL eCommerce Standard Parcel International **Warehouse Dependent
Royal Mail Tracked 24
Royal Mail Tracked 24*
Royal Mail Tracked 48
Royal Mail Tracked 48*
Omni Parcel DDU
Omni Parcel DDU*
Omni Parcel DDP
Omni Parcel DDP*
UPS Worldwide Economy
UPS Worldwide Economy*
UPS Worldwide Economy DDU
USP Worldwide Economy DDU*
UPS Worldwide Expedited
UPS Worldwide Expedited*
UPS Worldwide Saver
UPS Worldwide Saver*

How Standard Shipping Works

By default, when an order is set to use the Standard Shipping method, Airhouse will take the weight and warehouse location into consideration to determine the optimal method.


Strategies for Naming Your Methods

When setting up rate names in your store, you can choose how you would like options to appear to your customers in the cart. You have many options for communicating how an order will ship, whether it be mentioning the exact service being used, or just a general idea of service level.

Below are some examples:

Generic Naming

Use a generic name for the service such as "Standard Shipping", "Ground Shipping", or "Overnight Shipping."

Explicit Naming

Use the explicit name of the service such as "USPS Priority Mail" or "DHL Express Worldwide."

Hybrid Naming

Use a mix of generic and explicit names such as "Free Shipping", "Standard Shipping", and then upgrades that are more targeted like "UPS 2nd Day Air."


Multi-Warehouse Airhouse Shipping

When shipping from multiple Airhouse warehouses, we use specific logic to determine which location and order will ship from.

We calculate which warehouse location is closest to the shipping address for a given order. If that warehouse has inventory IN STOCK for all products in the order, the order will ship from that warehouse. If any products in the order are OUT OF STOCK at the closest warehouse, we will ship from the next closest warehouse location that has inventory stocked for all products in the order.

Platform Specific Setup

Shopify Shipping Set Up
Shopify Shipping Set Up
Squarespace Shipping Set Up
Squarespace Shipping Set Up


Why is Airhouse shipping my orders another method?

If there is a mismatch between the method your e-commerce store has listed and what Airhouse recognizes, Airhouse will send the order out via the shipping default.

Can I change my default shipping method?

Yes, please contact your Account Manager to update your default shipping method.