Returns Policy

Effective Date/Last Revision: July 14, 2023

This Policy outlines the Returns process for Airhouse Inc (”Airhouse”). By using our software, logistics services, and any other related products, you agree to comply with the latest version of our Returns Policy.


Any shipment sent from Airhouse and returned back to our warehouse. The return can be initiated by the end customer (regular return) or by the carrier (return to sender - undeliverable). We will process returns the same way, independently of who initiated it.


  • Please work with your Account Manager, who will make sure Airhouse’s settings and operations are aligned with your return policy.
  • All returns have to be submitted in the Airhouse app, manually or via integration.
  • Your customers are responsible for ensuring the warehouse can easily identify a return. Return Orders must be labeled with an order number and your company’s name in the return shipment. Most return tools generate a packing slip for this purpose (Loop for example).
  • Return Orders must be returned to the warehouse that it was shipped from. Please confirm the address with your Account Manager.

Services included:

The return flat fee (available in your agreement with Airhouse) includes:

  • Collection: receiving of the package back to our facilities.
  • Basic inspection: visually inspect items to ensure they are in your preferred condition.
  • Restocking: If a return meets your criteria, the items will be restocked and reflected in inventory.
  • Damaged item destruction: If a return does not meet your criteria, the items will not be restocked and it will be discarded (unless another instruction is provided).

Services not included - available for an extra charge:

Airhouse provides extra services upon request. These special projects are paid services and the rates should be discussed with your Account Manager.

  • Re-bagging
  • Re-boxing
  • Repacking
  • Re-barcoding
  • Upon request, the item can be set aside if the return does not meet your criteria. Additional storage fees will apply.
  • Photo of the returned product. ***Covered by the flat fee for some locations. Consult your Account Manager for more details.

Services not available:

Airhouse does not provide the following services:

  • Return labels
  • Packing slips for returns
  • Product disassembly (e.g. unscrewing, taking out batteries, etc.).
  • Product cleaning
  • Relabeling (branded/custom tags)


Airhouse does not currently utilize RMAs (return merchandise authorization). We use the tracking number to assist with identification.

International Returns:

UK laws require merchants selling out of the UK to provide the option for customers to request a return. For the warehouse to process the return, you must submit on the Return dashboard in Airhouse.

Returns SLA:

Airhouse’s SLA for returns is 10 business days.

Airhouse is committed to ensuring a smooth and seamless return process. However, due the nature of our business, returns may be de-prioritized during peak season

How to process and track a return at Airhouse:

Please refer to this Help doc for instructions on how to use our platform to process and track returns.

Your Return Policy:

We highly recommend having a clear and updated returns policy on your website. Please notify your Account Manager about any change in your returns policy.

Policy violation:

If a Customer violates this Policy, it will result in the voiding of any implied or express warranties that Airhouse provides for its services.

In addition to voiding warranties, violating this Policy may result in additional consequences, such as account suspension or termination, depending on the severity of the violation.

The latest version of our Returns Policy will be available on our website ( and we reserve the right to change this Policy at any time.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at