Inventory Dashboard Overview
Inventory Dashboard Overview

Inventory Dashboard Overview

What Do These Statuses Mean?

We show statuses on inventory to give you visibility into how your products move through Airhouse. You can search for and filter by each status in your dashboard.


Inventory Status

Inventory status explains how inventory is allocated in the warehouse.

Outgoing - Reflects items in an order that are actively being processed. This quantity is removed from the In Warehouse count.

Purchased - Items are in an order but the order has not yet been sent to the warehouse. This allows the items to be saved for the order so other customers cannot purchase it. This quantity is removed from the For Sale count.

Reserved - Inventory is held and items are removed from the For Sale count.

For Sale - This is the item quantity that is reflected in your store and available for sale to your customers.

In Warehouse - Reflects total quantity of items in the warehouse.

Product Inventory Details

When you click on a specific product from the Inventory Dashboard, you are able to see all product-level details.

Inventory Levels

Review detailed inventory information including number of outgoing units, reserved units, units in the warehouse, the for sale count, and the purchased quantity.


Inventory Trends and History Log

This page will also display product inventory trends over time and a log of all inventory changes affected by Restock inventory, orders and returns at all utilized warehouses.


Product Details

Any missing required product information will be highlighted in RED. In cases where your e-commerce platform does not have the relevant data fields (e.g., Squarespace not having a place to input barcodes), you are able to edit the data directly within Airhouse.