FedEx On Demand Care

What is it
A charge applies if at your request we take remedial action to protect the integrity of a shipment’s contents in transit. Remedial actions available include dry ice replenishment and gel pack reconditioning. To be eligible for FedEx On Demand Care you must be a FedEx account holder, and first sign and return a one-time authorization form. The shipper must call 1.800.463.3339 after the shipment has been tendered to us — FedEx On Demand Care cannot be requested before tendering the shipment. FedEx does not guarantee availability of this service option, or guarantee the content integrity of yourshipment if at your request we provide FedEx On Demand Care.
Commercial rate
Greater of $132.50 per shipment or $2.65 per lb.
Will it apply to my shipment?
FedEx International Economy