How to Add Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates
How to Add Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

How to Add Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

In your Shopify checkout flow, Airhouse can calculate and display actual Airhouse shipping rates for your customers, based on the shipment’s unique weight, estimated dimensions and destination.

This feature is available if you are on a Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus plan. If you are on the Shopify Plan, you can request access to the Carrier Service API by contacting Shopify. Shopify Starter or Shopify Basic users who have previously had access to the Shopify Carrier Service API will be able to use this feature. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your account type.

How to Set Up in Airhouse

To add this feature to your Shopify checkout flow, please contact your Airhouse Account Manager. Once added, go to Settings in Airhouse and click on Shipping.

Shipping Zones

There are two shipping zones available, US Domestic and International (Rest of the World). These allow you to set up different shipping methods for the zones that you would like to ship to. For any zone that you do not want to ship to, leave the shipping methods blank.

You will manage which states and countries you would like to ship to in the Shopify shipping settings.

Shipping Groups

Shipping groups in Airhouse allow for you to group together multiple shipping methods to display at checkout. The shipping cost for each group will be determined using the shipping location, shipment weight, and estimated shipment dimensions. If you are in multiple Airhouse warehouses, the system will choose the closest warehouse to the shipping location that has available inventory for all SKUs. At checkout in Shopify, Airhouse will compare the methods that you have configured within each group to determine the cheapest shipping method to present to your customer.

You can set as many groups as you would like depending on the shipping method types you would like to offer. The Group Name is only visible within Airhouse, the Display Name is what will be visible to your customer at checkout for each shipping method. For example:

  • Economy Shipping (i.e. USPS Ground Advantage, FedEx Economy, UPS Economy)
  • Standard Shipping (i.e. USPS Priority, FedEx Ground, UPS Ground)
  • Expedited Shipping (i.e. FedEx 2 Day, UPS 2nd Day)
  • Overnight Shipping (i.e. FedEx Overnight, UPS Next Day)


Shipping Methods

Once your shipping groups are configured, you can add the shipping carriers and methods that you would like to include within each and customize:

  • Carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS)
  • Service (i.e. FedEx Ground, UPS Ground)
  • Display name (shipping method name displayed in Shopify)
  • Markup % or $ amount
  • Free Shipping Override


International DDP and DDU

Your customers will see the fully landed costs for international shipments calculated directly in their checkout cart. Showing the fully landed cost provides your customers transparency and accuracy of international shipping costs for both DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipments.

DDP Shipments:

  • Fully Landed Costs: Your customers will see the full landed costs, including duties and taxes, added to their shipping price at checkout.
  • Accurate Charging: You will charge for these costs with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Guaranteed Costs: The DDP landed costs are guaranteed - no need to worry about undercharging your customers.

DDU Shipments:

  • Landed Cost Estimation: Customers will see an estimated landed cost in the checkout cart, giving them an upfront view of the duties and taxes they will owe upon delivery of their order.

Fallback Method

At the bottom of the Shipping Settings page, you will see an option to add a Fallback shipping method and cost. This shipping option will be used as a default in cases where a customer provides an invalid address, and/or Airhouse cannot provide a calculated rate in the checkout cart.

We strongly recommend adding a fallback method. If this is not configured, your customer may not be able to complete checkout.