Billing and Invoices
Billing and Invoices

Billing and Invoices

How often does Airhouse invoice?

Airhouse bills monthly. Invoices are due within 10 days of billing. Payment can be made via credit card or ACH. For questions about invoices or payment options, or to change the billing contact on your account, please contact our accounting team at

What data is available in my invoice?

Within the Airhouse dashboard, you can view and export full invoice and cost data. This data is organized by the month in which services were rendered.


The following data is displayed and itemized per order:

  • Shipment data
    • Date invoiced
    • Date shipped
    • Destination
    • Shipping method
    • Rated weight
    • Zone
  • Cost data
    • Total cost
    • Order fee
    • Pick fee
    • Label cost
    • Fuel surcharge
    • Residential surcharge
    • Area surcharge
    • Handling surcharge
    • Peak surcharge
    • Tax charge
    • Misc. charges

Read more about surcharges and how shipment costs are calculated here.

Other services rendered by Airhouse are included in a non-itemized format for that month, including:

  • Storage fees (by pallet, bin or block)
  • Returns total (standard and damaged)
  • Receiving fees
  • Project fees
  • Credits and reimbursements