Apparel Policy

Effective Date/Last Revision: July 14, 2023

This Policy outlines the apparel requirements for Airhouse Inc (”Airhouse”). By using our software, logistics services, and any other related products, you agree to comply with the latest version of our Apparel Policy.


Apparel refers to clothing and accessories.

Apparel fulfillment can get complex due to variety of models, sizes, colors and seasonality (multiple SKUs). Airhouse may require a minimum monthly order volume to fulfill a large number of SKUs (+50).


  • All of your products must be labeled and barcoded.
  • Each size of a given product must have a unique SKU and barcode.
  • Airhouse stores each SKU in its own bin, and storage will be charged at a bin rate.
  • We require that merchants put each garment in a plastic or compostable inner sleeve to make repackaging easier. Airhouse does not insure against basic dust damage.


Airhouse supports specific apparel returns scenarios. We can accommodate the following returns requests:

  • Refold
  • Inspect if products are opened, dirty, or worn
  • Inform you if products are damaged or undamaged
  • Re-package, if you send the materials (paid service)
  • Re-barcode, using Airhouse's labels (paid service)
  • Send photos (fees may apply - depending on warehouse partner)

For more information about returns, please check our Returns Policy.

Services not supported:

Airhouse cannot accommodate the following requests:

  • Steam or ironing;
  • Relabel products with branded or custom tags;
  • Hang product in the warehouse;
  • Shipping items on hangers;
  • Personalization. This includes embroidery and screen printing services.

Also, your company must manufacture your own branded product. Airhouse does not work with the following types of companies:

  • Marketplaces (selling products from multiple vendors);
  • Retailers (selling products from multiple manufacturers or wholesalers);
  • Curated services;
  • Made-to-order.

Policy violation:

If a Customer violates this Policy, it will result in the voiding of any implied or express warranties that Airhouse provides for its services.

In addition to voiding warranties, violating this Policy may result in additional consequences, such as account suspension or termination, depending on the severity of the violation.

The latest version of our Apparel Policy will be available on our website ( and we reserve the right to change this Policy at any time.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at