Acceptable Products Policy

Effective Date/Last Revision: July 14, 2023

This Policy outlines the products not supported or not accepted by Airhouse Inc (”Airhouse”). By using our software, logistics services, and any other related products, you agree to comply with the latest version of our Acceptable Products Policy.

We do not support the following types of products:

Alcohol. Regulated goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill. We do not support any beverage with any alcohol content (including, but not limited to, low ABV beverages).

Tobacco / E-Cigarettes / THC. Regulated goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill. Includes (but not limited to) cigars, cigarettes, vapors, marijuana/THC. Accessories may be accepted. CBD products do not fall under this category and can be fulfilled by Airhouse.

Prescription Medicine. Regulated goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill. Any drug that is available to the public only with written instructions from a doctor or dentist to a pharmacist can not be fulfilled by Airhouse.

Firearms and Ammunition. Regulated goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill. Includes (but not limited to) sporting firearms, gun powder.

Live Plants and Live Animals. Regulated goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill. Includes (but not limited to) plants, animals or other living organisms.

Explosive/Flammable/Gases. Hazardous goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill, including (but not limited to) aerosol sprays, airbags, hand sanitizers, essential oils, fire extinguishers, fireworks, fragrances, fuels, inks, lighters, matches, mercury, nail polish, paint, refrigerated gas, dry ice, smoke detectors, wood treatment products.

Toxic. Hazardous goods that require special licensing to store and fulfill, including (but not limited to) insecticides, pesticides and cleaning materials (eco-friendly may be accepted).

Personalized or made-to-order. We do not perform embroidery, hand painting, hand writing, or any form of onsite order-level product customization.

Frozen. We do not support products that require temperature control for storage and/or shipping below 32°F/ 0°C.

Oversized / Overweight: We do not support D2C freight shipping, i.e. when your average product cannot be shipped small parcel (like UPS, FedEx, USPS) and instead requires palletization and freight pickup (>150lbs, or XL dimensions).

We support with restrictions the following types of products:

⚠️ Batteries: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) should be provided and reviewed by Airhouse before sending inventory containing batteries to our warehouses. For more information, please check our Hazardous Materials Policy.

⚠️ Temperature Control: all products are stored in ambient temperature, unless temperature control is requested by Customer and approved by Airhouse. The temperature range supported is 70-75°F. This is a paid service. For more information, please check our Temperature Control Policy.

⚠️ Fragile: delicate products, easily breakable or susceptible to damage when handled. These products require special storage, packaging and shipping procedures (paid services) and may not be supported by Airhouse or Airhouse’s standard warranty. Includes (but not limited to) glassware, ceramics and glass containers.

⚠️ Liquid: Any product subject to leakage, that could damage other inventory items and warehouse facility. Airhouse will only accept products  that meet our Liquid Goods Policy.

⚠️ Apparel. Apparel is subjected to additional criteria. Customers must agree with the terms of our Apparel Policy.

⚠️ Merchandise or swag: Airhouse can fulfill these goods only if your order volume exceeds 2,000 orders/month.

⚠️ Sharp Objects: Any product that can put our fulfillment team in danger when handled. Subject to Airhouse’s approval. Special storage and packing required. Includes (but not limited to) blades, knives, swords, and any sharp hunting/camping gear.

⚠️ Cleaning products:

  • ** Due to complex operations, all products under this category may be subject to a minimum order volume and may be available at limited locations. Airhouse may charge for additional services if the product requires special storage, handling, packing and shipping.

We will never accept the following types of products:

Hateful or violent content that promotes discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or medical status, political or religious beliefs, or national or ethnic origin.

Illegal: You may only use Airhouse for lawful purposes. We do not accept any illegal product or products designed for malicious activities. Please note that regulation or legality may vary, depending on state or country (considering warehouse location and the final shipping address).

Goods produced by children labor, forced labor or exploitation, in violation of international standards.

Other restrictions:

Airhouse is tailored for direct-to-consumer-first (D2C) ecommerce fulfillment. We do not support:

Marketplace or retail model. Airhouse is generally not a good fit if your brand itself is a retail or marketplace brand that ships others' products.

One-off project. We don't ship marketing campaigns or any projects independent of ongoing ecommerce fulfillment. We happily ship crowdfunded campaigns that transition into regular ecommerce/D2C fulfillment.

Warehouse pickup. We do not allow direct pickup from the warehouse, including Postmates/Uber Eats/DoorDash and similar services or end customer pickup.

Split fulfillment:

If only a small percentage of your products/orders are not supported by Airhouse, we can easily exclude (not fulfill) those orders, and fulfill the remainder.


All products must be barcoded before fulfillment is activated. If needed, Airhouse can digitally create and provide barcode numbers (as a special project and paid service). You can find Airhouse’s  Barcoding Requirements here.


Your company must be the Product’s legal owner or a licensed/authorized seller.

Third-party limitations:

You are responsible for verifying any limitations or regulations imposed by third-party carriers or insurance companies. This may involve consulting with the relevant parties and obtaining any necessary documentation to comply with their requirements.

Airhouse may provide support and guidance to you in navigating these regulations, but ultimately it is the vendor's responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements.

Policy violation:

If a Customer violates this Policy, it will result in the voiding of any implied or express warranties that Airhouse provides for its services.

In addition to voiding warranties, violating this Policy may result in additional consequences, such as account suspension or termination, depending on the severity of the violation.

The latest version of our Acceptable Products Policy will be available on our website ( and we reserve the right to change this Policy at any time.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at