USPS Surcharges

NameWhat is itWill it apply to my shipment?Carrier Source
The oversized price is used on parcels of certain mail classes that are greater than 108 inches, but not more than 130 inches, in combined length and girth. Weight is not a factor as long as it does not exceed 70 pounds (no package can exceed 70 pounds).
Parcel Select (Parcel Select Lightweight excluded)Parcel Return ServiceUSPS Retail Ground®USPS Retail Ground® -- Limited Overland Routes parcels
Nonstandard Size
For Priority Mail shipments, different surcharges will apply in the following scenarios as of mid-2022: 1) parcel with length measuring between 22-30 inches, 2) parcel with length measuring over 30 inches, 3) parcel with cubic volume exceeding 2 cubic feet.
USPS Priority Mail