Restock Dashboard Overview
Restock Dashboard Overview

Restock Dashboard Overview

What is an ID number?

The shipment ID number is unique to every inventory shipment you create in Airhouse. The warehouse teams use this ID number to identify which company the shipment belongs to and what it contains.

Every box or pallet in the shipment should be labelled with the corresponding Airhouse shipment ID number.

What do the statuses mean?

We show statuses on orders, inventory and inventory shipments (Restock) to give you visibility into how your products move through Airhouse. You can search for and filter by each status in your dashboard.

Restock Status

Draft - A new inventory shipment has been created and saved, but not yet submitted

In Review - The inventory shipment has been submitted and is being reviewed by the Airhouse team

Processed - The submitted inventory shipment has been shared with the inbound team

Partial - We have received part of the inventory shipment

Cancelled - You cancelled the inventory shipment in Airhouse

Delivered - All items in inventory order arrived at the warehouse and is in processing to be stocked

Received - Inventory is received and the quantities are as expected

Partially Received - There is a discrepancy with the inventory counts. Some SKUs may be short or missing


Submitted Date - This is the date when you submit an inventory shipment to Airhouse

Received Date - This is the date when the inventory is stocked at the warehouse


If you are shipping from multiple Airhouse warehouse locations, this is where you can view which inventory shipments you have shipped to each warehouse


This highlights what the warehouse is expecting to received based on the inventory shipment you submitted. (i.e. 6 boxes, 3 pallets, or 1 container)

Product Information

SKUs - Shows how many different SKUs are in the shipment

Quantity - Shows how many total units are in the shipment

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