NameDescriptionTime (Business days)
Orders (Domestic)
When will US orders ship after they are placed?
Same day if processing by 11am local time to the warehouse. Next business day if processing after 11am local time.
Orders (Wholesale)
When will large orders that require extra handling ship?
2-3 days
When will return inquiries be processed by customers and return shipping labels generated for them?
Next day
Returns (Restock)
When will returned items be restocked and ready to sell in the warehouse?
5-10 days
Receiving (Standard)
When inventory arrives ready to stock, when will it be processed and ready to ship?
3-5 days
Receiving (Non-Standard)
When inventory needs barcoding, inspecting, kitting, assembly, etc., when will it be processed and ready to ship?
5-10+ days
(Informally) How much time should I expect the average onboarding setup to take?
2 weeks