Plugins and Services
Plugins and Services

Plugins and Services

Some plugins may interfere with fulfillment and may create errors in how the warehouse processes and ships orders. When selecting non-supported plugins, a plugin will work with Airhouse if it:

  • Does not modify core product data (i.e. SKU, barcode)
  • Does not create new SKUs that aren't real in the warehouse (i.e. the plugin must not create products that don't match 1:1 to a real, barcoded SKU in the warehouse)
  • Generates standard orders (no special instructions or attachments)

Supported Plugins

Before installing, please refer to the following list of plugins that are compatible with Airhouse. When in doubt, contact your Account Manager for help.

  • Bundles - To create a virtual SKU (i.e. an A+B set, or multipack) that appears and sells as a single product but must be picked separately in the warehouse, contact Airhouse to set these up.

Shopify Plugins

  • Order Edits + Cancellations - Orderify is a Shopify app, offering an upgrade to customer experience through self-service capabilities. Orderify equips your customers with the autonomy to cancel and edit orders independently, or easily reorder from their past purchases.
  • Subscriptions - ReCharge
  • Returns - To offer customers a self-serve option to look up orders and collect returns responses when Airhouse manages your returns (vs. email), we recommend Return Magic
  • Shipment insurance - To offer customers insurance on high value shipments in cart in Shopify (carriers insure up to $100/shipment) or simplified claims, we recommend Route.
  • Sales tax - For determining sales tax nexus, ensuring compliance and automating calculations in cart in Shopify, we recommend TaxJar or Avalara (Shopify Plus only)
  • Amazon (non-FBA) - To pull in seller-fulfilled orders in Amazon, please use Amazon by Codisto. Returns are not supported for Amazon.

Don't see what you need? It might be on our roadmap, or we can help build it for you right in Airhouse. Email your Account Manager.

Recommended Services

We often receive requests for recommended fulfillment-related services that have no minimums and are easy to use, or for logistics services that are adjacent to what we offer (like customs brokering). Please see below for our recommendations.

  • Domestic freight - To move inventory from domestic suppliers to our warehouse, for FTL and LTL we recommend Coyote
  • Inventory financing - Kickpay
  • Imports, international freight, customs brokering - To move inventory from international suppliers to our warehouse through ports, we recommend Flexport
  • Branded packaging (no minimums) - Packlane
  • Branded packaging (higher volume) - Lumi
  • Printouts (no minimums) - Moo
  • Stickers (no minimums) - Sticker Mule
  • Stickers, tissue paper, tape (no minimums) - No Issue