Order Processing
Order Processing

Order Processing

Requirements to Fulfill an Order

When deciding what orders to fulfill, Airhouse considers the following criteria:

  • SKU marked for fulfillment
  • Valid shipping address
  • Paid payment status
  • Is not already fulfilled
  • Is not cancelled

Airhouse only considers products with a valid SKU that are marked for fulfillment, products not marked for fulfillment are not considered in the partial shipment determination.

The O
The Order list will display different product tags depending on their status.

NOTE: If a product listing is marked Active in Shopify, it will continue to sell regardless of if it’s selected for fulfillment in Airhouse. If you do not want to sell a specific product, ensure it is not active in Shopify.

Partial Fulfillment

This store setting controls how line items on orders are processed. Airhouse only considers SKUs marked for fulfillment in the partial fulfillment setting. Any products missing SKUs cannot be recognized by Airhouse.

With Partial Fulfillment OFF

When Partial Fulfillment is off, Airhouse will only ship orders when all products marked for fulfillment have inventory in stock.

In general, this setting leads to fewer shipments per order, but means that customers will have to wait longer to receive their order if other products on the order are backordered.


Recommendation on when to keep partial fulfillment off

  • If you pre-sell products but want everything in an order to ship at once.
  • If you have special orders that have line items Airhouse doesn't stock and you'd like to stop Airhouse from fulfilling any part of the order. (e.g. if a line item is a custom installation, special shipping service, etc.)

With Partial Fulfillment ON

When Partial Fulfillment is on, Airhouse will ship all items currently in stock. If out-of-stock items are restocked after the initial shipment, Airhouse will fulfill those items.

In general, this will allow your customer to receive part of their order as soon as possible, however it can result in more shipments leading to a higher overall fulfillment cost.


Recommendation on when to keep partial fulfillment off

  • If you want customers to receive part of their order as soon as possible.
  • If you are insensitive to multiple shipments per order.