Order Management
Order Management

Order Management

What to Know Before Editing Orders

When possible, edits should be made before an order is sent to the warehouse for fulfillment.

There is a default 5 minute delay between when an order is placed, and when it is sent to the warehouse for fulfillment. Your store's Order Delay may be increased or decreased depending on your preferences. Reach out to your Account Manager to make changes.

Once the warehouse begins the process of fulfilling an order, the ability to make edits or cancel an order depends on the state of the order within the warehouse. Edits and cancellations are not guaranteed once the warehouse has begun processing the order. After an order is edited in Airhouse, updates from your ecommerce store will no longer be automatic, such as address changes or tracking number updates.

How Editing Orders Affects Notifications and Payments

Shipping Notifications

Editing an order in Airhouse will break shipment notifications for your customers. After editing an order you may need to manually update tracking information within your ecommerce store.


When you make edits within Airhouse, any charges or refunds that are associated with the edit will have to be done manually through your store. After editing an order you will need to manually process updated charges within your store.

Edit an Order


When editing an order, you have the option to add or remove SKUs and update quantities ordered.

Navigate to the order you want to manage and from the order action dropdown select "Edit" to make necessary changes.

Duplicate an Order

Whenever you may want to reship an order, you can select the "Duplicate" action from the Order dropdown. This will copy over the original order's packing list, shipping address, and shipping method. After selecting "Duplicate" you can edit the quantities, SKUs, or shipping address before submitting the order.

If you want to reference the original order, you can simply click the "Duplicated Order" link in the header of any duplicate order.

Duplicated orders by default will have a
Duplicated orders by default will have a -1 added to the end of the order number when duplicating. This is editable if you'd like to change the order number, but it must be unique. e.g. If you see order AH#8AA09C8E-1, it is likely a duplicate of order AH#8AA09C8E

Cancel an Order


When cancelling an order that is in progress, but has unshipped fulfillments, you have two options available. A "fulfillment" is the process of shipping an order in the warehouse: picking, packing and shipping. One order can have multiple fulfillments.

  • Cancel Open Fulfillments - Cancelling open fulfillments will cancel those in progress, but allows you to resubmit this order at a later time. This is option is best for when you intend on resubmitting at least part of an order, but don't want for it to be shipped out right now.
  • Cancel Entire Order - Cancelling an entire order will delete the order's information in Airhouse. This option is best for when if you don't intend on ever completing that order, as in the case of refunding a customer.

Hold an Order


Any unfulfilled order can be held before it is sent to the warehouse. The order will be held and will not process until you release the hold.

Finding Edited Orders

You can find modified orders a few ways on the Order list:

  • Edited orders can be found by filtering the Order Status for Edited (Not Synced)
  • Held orders can be found by filtering by Customer Hold
  • Cancelled orders can be found by filtering the Order Status for Cancelled

Additional Questions?

For any questions on managing your orders, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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