Order Dashboard Overview
Order Dashboard Overview

Order Dashboard Overview

What Do These Statuses Mean?

We show statuses on orders, inventory, and inventory orders (Restock) to give you visibility into how your products move through Airhouse. You can search for and filter by each status in your dashboard.


Order Status

Order status combines warehouse and shipping statuses, from the moment an order is placed through to its delivery to your customer.

New → Processing → Pending Tracking → Waiting For Carrier → In Transit → Out for Delivery → Delivered

Typical Statuses


Order has not yet been sent to the warehouse for fulfillment. Reasons could include the standard order delay (default 5 minutes), out of stock items, or items not marked for fulfillment.


Order has been sent to the warehouse and is in progress.

Pending Tracking

Order is picked, has a label, and the tracking number is processing with the shipping carrier.

Pending Carrier Scan

Order is fulfilled and is awaiting initial scan by shipping carrier.


Order was picked up by shipping carrier.

In Transit

Order has departed from primary shipping carrier facility and is en route to customer.

Out for Delivery

Order is on final leg of journey and out for delivery by shipping carrier.


Order was successfully delivered to destination.

Other Statuses


Orders with special notes or instructions undergo review by our accounts team and are released to the warehouse. This updates to Processing following our approval.

Failed Attempt

Shipping carrier attempted delivery but couldn't physically deliver and will reattempt delivery (e.g. couldn't enter gate, etc.)

Carrier Exception

Order is on hold with the shipping carrier due to an error encountered at delivery and requires action.


Order is part of a split shipment. Each shipment is in a different state.

Too Old to Track

Tracking is old and has expired from shipping carrier.


Order cannot be processed and requires attention.

Payment Status (Shopify Only)

Payments status mirrors Shopify payment status. Internal orders are automatically set as Paid.

Airhouse only automatically fulfills orders marked as Paid.

Automatic Processing


Order is fully paid and Airhouse will process the order automatically.

Other Statuses


A charge has been placed, but payment is not complete.

Partially Paid

Collect payment or process order outside of Airhouse and mark as Paid in Shopify in order to get the order fulfilled.

Partially Refunded

Some items in the order have been cancelled and refunded or returned and refunded. If this occurs before an order is processed, the item(s) will not be fulfilled.


The entire order has been cancelled and refunded or items have been returned and refunded. Refunded items will return to inventory.


The payment has been cancelled.