How to Send Custom Packaging
How to Send Custom Packaging

How to Send Custom Packaging

We're adding a way to ship packaging and other items in Restock. In the meantime, please email your Account Manager for each shipment of packaging.

Packaging Information

Each time you send non-barcoded packaging, please notify Airhouse with the following information for all components or promotional materials:

  • Photo or image of item for identification with dimensions (i.e. catalog, mailer box)
  • Instructions for use (e.g. include with each order, assemble with X SKU upon receiving, etc.)
  • Supplier name
  • Quantity per item
  • Tracking number

Limitations on Packaging

Packaging counts will not be tracked unless they are barcoded and scannable. Non-barcoded packaging, components and promotional materials will not have updated counts in Airhouse and cannot set special rules. Such packaging can only have general rules that apply to every order.

Some customers opt to include a barcode on an inconspicuous part of their packaging, or on booklets or promotional inserts. To enable more complex rules for packing, i.e. use box X for orders with Y, or insert X on the first order only, items must be barcoded and have a corresponding product in your storefront (can be hidden) to be picked. For barcoded boxes and components, we can also share exact inventory counts in the dashboard.

Airhouse only supplies standard packaging sizes and materials. For non-standard packaging sizes (i.e. long boxes, tubes), we can order packaging for you from standard suppliers and bill through on your invoice. We're working on more visibility around packaging options across our warehouses, but please contact your Account Manager to see if this applies to you.


Please include your Company name and Airhouse on your packaging shipments in the recipient field with no extra address information, i.e. below.

Airhouse/Company Name
123 Warehouse Ave.
Anytown, CA 00000

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