How to Schedule Freight Delivery for Receiving
How to Schedule Freight Delivery for Receiving

How to Schedule Freight Delivery for Receiving

How to Schedule Freight Delivery

When you send freight to Airhouse, all inbound freight shipments require an appointment in order to receive at a warehouse dock. Unscheduled freight may be turned away. We will need information to prepare accordingly and ensure team members and docks are available to unload. Please follow the below steps:

All freight deliveries must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.

  1. Create an inventory shipment in Restock
  2. Book freight shipping with your preferred carrier
  3. After booking freight, email with the following information, 48 hours in advance of delivery:
    1. Company name
    2. Inventory shipment ID from Restock
    3. Requested delivery date and Time
    4. How the shipment is packed (carton, pallet, container) and how much of Eech
    5. Is the shipment palletized or floor-loaded?
      • Palletized - The shipment is secured on pallets in the container and can be removed with a forklift
      • Floor-loaded - The shipment is is loaded loosely, i.e. on cartons, and requires more labor and time to unload
    6. Will this be a live unload or a drop?
      • Live Unload - The driver will wait at the warehouse while they unload the container
      • Drop - The driver will drop off the container at the warehouse and then return later when unloading is complete
    7. Vehicle size and type
    8. Name of freight carrier and their email/phone number
    9. Bill of lading or equivalent documentation with shipment information (can be exported from Restock)
    10. Container number (if applicable)
    11. Attach the packing list
  4. Await confirmation from Airhouse

You can copy and paste the below template:

Request to Schedule Freight Delivery (Self-Scheduled)
I am scheduling an inbound freight shipment to Airhouse.

1. Company Name
2. Restock Inventory Shipment: #0000-0000
3. Requested Delivery Date: 
4. Requested Delivery Time: 
5. Shipment Info (Carton/Pallet/Container and Quantity): 
6. Palletized or Floor Loaded: 
7. Pallet swap required (if applicable):
8. Live Unload or Drop: 
9. Vehicle size/type
10. Name of Freight Carrier: 
11. Freight Carrier Contact Email and Phone:
12. Bill of Lading: (Attach)
13. Container Number (if applicable): 
14. Packing List: (Attach)

Airhouse is not responsible if a freight driver misses a drop-off appointment. The freight delivery will need to be rescheduled. If this occurs, please reach out to

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