Fulfillment Settings
Fulfillment Settings

Fulfillment Settings

These settings determine how Airhouse processes your orders. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you need to make adjustments.

Order Fulfillment

When active, Airhouse will fulfill open and new orders.

When inactive, Airhouse will not fulfill orders. If orders are intended for Airhouse fulfillment, they will queue and fulfill when this is on.

Order Delay

By default, there is a 5 minute delay between when an order is placed and when it is sent to the warehouse. This delay allows time for you, your team, or any applications to make changes ahead of the order being sent to the warehouse.

You may want to extend this delay for additional time to handle various customer requests ahead of the order being sent and fulfilled by the warehouse.

Update Inventory & Fulfillment

When on, Airhouse will automatically sync inventory quantities with your storefront as orders are placed, and every hour when inventory and returns are stocked.

Airhouse will also automatically update order statuses in your store to mark orders as shipped.

This is on by default once fulfillment begins.

Partial Fulfillment

When on, Airhouse will fulfill orders if any product marked for fulfillment is in stock, even if it is just a portion of the order. The remainder of that order will be fulfilled by Airhouse once stocked, or at any time by another non-Airhouse method.

When turned on, this can lead to multiple shipments per order instead of one shipment per order.

When off, Airhouse will only fulfill an order if every product is in stock.

Gift Notes

Shopify Only

When active, Airhouse will print text from the Shopify notes field onto packing slips.

Anything in the Shopify “Notes Field” will be added as a Gift note, whether entered internally or through an app. You may need to change settings for any apps that use this field as they will conflict with your customers notes.

For more info on how to this set up, see Shopify's Enable order notes on your cart page.

When turned on, ANY text in the Notes section of the Shopify order page will appear on the packing slip. If you have applications or a customer service team that add notes to that field, you may need to adjust your workflow so that a customer only sees the intended gift note.

Fulfillment Shipping Notification

By default, Airhouse will sent a fulfillment started notification to your e-commerce store. You may control the timing of this behavior by changing notifications to only occur once a tracking number is added to a fulfillment.