Feature Releases
Feature Releases

Feature Releases

3/4/2024 - Inventory Trends and History Log

Now featured on each product's detail page are two innovative sections aimed at offering insights into your inventory dynamics: "Inventory Trends Over Time" and "Inventory History Log" for each SKU. These enhancements enable you to:

  • Analyze product trends with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly breakdowns, offering a granular view of your inventory's performance.
  • Examine a comprehensive log of every inventory adjustment for a product, including inbound shipments, customer orders, internal projects, and returns, ensuring you have a full history at your fingertips.
  • Leverage this detailed data to accurately predict future inventory requirements and optimize your restocking strategy, helping you maintain the perfect balance of stock levels.

These new features are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your inventory management, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

10/2/2023 - International Landed Cost Calculations

For customers using Airhouse’s Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates, you will now see the fully landed costs for international shipments calculated directly in your checkout cart. This feature increases the transparency and accuracy of international shipping costs for both DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) shipments.

Note: This is only available at select warehouses for select shipping services.

DDP Shipments:

  • Fully Landed Costs - Your customers will see the full landed costs, including duties and taxes, added to their shipping price at checkout.
  • Accurate Charging - You can now charge for these costs with pinpoint accuracy, streamlining the process for both you and your customers.
  • Guaranteed Costs - With guaranteed DDP landed costs, worrying about undercharging your customers is a thing of the past.

DDU Shipments:

  • Landed Cost Estimation - Provide your customers with an estimated landed cost in the checkout cart, outlining the duties and taxes they will owe upon delivery.
  • Benefit - This transparency leads to more informed decisions and reduces the likelihood of unpleasant surprises upon delivery.

07/10/2023 - Self-Service Order Processing

Customers now have the ability to force an order to process by overriding various safeguards that Airhouse has in place to prevent specific orders from auto-processing. These actions include:

  • Set High Priority - This order will be given higher priority than other unfulfilled orders.
  • Bypass Checks - Disregard store rules. If this is a Shopify order, disregard Shopify financial status.
  • Enable Partial Fulfillment - Allow this order to be sent in multiple shipments as items become available. Each additional shipment will incur its own fulfillment and shipping costs

06/01/2023 - Invoice Credits

There is now a page for Credits on the Airhouse Settings dashboard that provides detailed insights on credits received, applied, and the remaining balance. All applied credits will be linked directly to the invoice or invoices they were applied to.

Documentation: Billing and Invoicing

04/18/2023 -  UK Shipping Feature Updates

All Airhouse shipping features now generate domestic and international shipping rates from a UK origin. The displayed international rates are DDU (Direct Duties Unpaid) and are not inclusive of all potential customs, duty or tax fees.

03/28/2023 -  International Shipping Feature Updates

The Shipping Rate Estimator and Carrier-Calculated Rates now provide the ability to generate and set up international shipping rates from a US origin. The displayed rates are DDU (Direct Duties Unpaid) and are not inclusive of all potential customs, duty or tax fees.

03/07/2023 - Loop Integration for Returns

The Loop integration removes the need to manually create returns through Airhouse. Once a return is created through Loop, all information will sync to Airhouse. This allows you to:

  • Review accurate returns statuses in both Airhouse and Loop
  • Reduce the need for any manual intervention to process a return
  • Removes the processing delay between Airhouse and Loop

Documentation: Returns

02/17/2023 - Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

The Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates feature calculates actual shipping rates and displays the cheapest options for your customers at checkout. This feature is currently available for shipments originating in and shipping to the United States, with broader support coming soon. This feature is only available for customers on a Shopify Plus or Advance plan. Using this feature you will have the ability to:

  • Set up shipping preferences directly in Airhouse
  • Offer customers the cheapest shipping method available across multiple shipping speeds (economy, standard, expedited, and overnight)
  • Customize which shipping carriers you offer and how options are displayed in the checkout cart
  • Accurately charge customers for the cost of shipping their order
  • Up-charge on cost of shipping, either a percentage or flat rate

02/15/2023 - Visible Order Costs

Orders will now display a full itemized breakdown of fulfillment and shipping costs once the associated invoice has been published. With this update, you will have the ability to:

  • Review order fees, pick fees, and associated surcharges for each order and shipment
  • Easily navigate between invoices and order detail pages to review charges

Documentation: Billing and Invoices

1/27/2023 - Automated Invoicing

We have updated our invoicing frequency and method to biweekly billing, with full invoicing and payment conducted within the Airhouse dashboard. This will enable us to more dynamically deliver your order costs.

Documentation: Billing and Invoices

12/9/2022 - Notifications

In Airhouse, you can now set up email notifications to receive individual updates around core tasks and status changes, or a daily, weekly and/or monthly summary. Notifications are now available for the following, with more coming soon:

  • Received inventory shipments
  • Processed inbound returns
  • Completed project requests

Documentation: Notifications

12/2/2022 - Shipping Rate Estimator

The Shipping Rate Estimator gives you the ability to generate domestic shipping cost estimates based on the shipment’s destination, estimated dimensions, and weight. This enables you to:

  • Provide more accurate shipping rates in your checkout cart if using flat rates
  • Estimate shipping costs for specific orders or order types
  • Get transparency into how a shipping rate is calculated

11/18/2022 - Edison (NJ), Grand Prairie (TX) and Buena Park (CA) Warehouse Carrier and Shipping Update

Our Edison (NJ), Grand Prairie (TX) and Buena Park (CA) warehouses will switch primary shipping carriers from FedEx to UPS and add two additional international UPS methods. This change will reduce your average base shipping costs in advance of peak season and increase the reliability of carrier pickups, tracking, and delivery.

11/18/2022 - Restock Update and Freight Coordination

We made updates to the Restock dashboard to improve the workflow for you and provide additional fields for submitting details on inbound shipments. This update also provides an option for you to request freight coordination by Airhouse.

  • Accurately provide details on what inventory you are sending, how much, to which warehouse, and how it’s getting there.
  • Option to submit project requests associated with a Restock inventory shipment.
  • Request freight coordination by Airhouse directly through the Restock dashboard by providing all required information to schedule.

Documentation: How to Use Restock

11/11/2022 - Returns Dashboard

The Returns dashboard is where you submit return information and provide Airhouse with the tracking number for the return. This feature give you the ability to:

  • Review returns statuses based on the tracking information you submit
  • Sort and filter returns based on status, date range, and if the return was over or under received
  • View the most recently processed returns
  • Archive returns that have been processed for more clear overview of what is outstanding

Documentation: Returns

11/1/2022 - “Open in Airhouse” Shopify Link

Now live in Shopify, you have the ability to open Airhouse pages directly through the Shopify Order pages.

  • When you view the Orders page, under the More Actions button is “Open in Airhouse”. This will take you to the main Airhouse Orders page.
  • If you select an individual order in Shopify, click the More Actions button and you can “Open in Airhouse” the exact order you’re looking at.

11/1/2022 - Carrollton Warehouse Carrier and Shipping Update

Our Carrollton, TX warehouse will switch primary shipping carriers from UPS to FedEx. This change will reduce your average base shipping costs in advance of peak season, with some exceptions.

10/12/2022 - Document Upload

The document upload feature enables you to upload documents required for a specific order.

  • Provide packing slips to be included in the shipment
  • Share 3rd party shipping labels to be used
  • Ability to provide any additional documentation needed for packing and shipping

Documentation: Document Upload

10/5/2022 - Airhouse UK Warehouse

Airhouse has partnered with SEKO, a leading global logistics provider, to offer our customers an international shipping hub out of the UK. This new warehouse will provide:

  • Cheaper, faster shipping within the UK (often next day)
  • Global fulfillment under the Airhouse umbrella
  • Improved delivery experience when shipping internationally

9/18/2022 - Project Request Launch

Use this new feature to create, submit, and track all project requests directly through the Airhouse app.

  • Submit project work that needs to be completed when an inventory shipment arrives
  • Share instructions and documents for manually created wholesale orders
  • Request project work for existing warehouse inventory
  • Track statuses for active projects through the Project dashboard