Bulk Order Upload
Bulk Order Upload

Bulk Order Upload

Creating Bulk Orders


Creating orders in bulk is a quick way to upload and edit multiple orders at once.

  1. Go to Airhouse → Order → Upload Bulk Order
  2. Create bulk upload document to upload orders to Airhouse (CSV only)
  3. Save bulk upload document as a CSV file

Download Sample File

DO NOT change the names of the headers on each column, these are required for proper mapping.

Data Inputs

Things to note when creating the bulk order document

  • If an order contains multiple SKUs, there will be multiple rows with the same order ID listing one SKU per row for that order

Address fields can be sensitive and to avoid delays should follow these guidelines:

address1 should be the street address (Ex. 123 Grove Street)

address2 should be the unit, apartment, suite number, etc (Ex. Apartment 1)

province_code is the two-letter state code (Ex. NY)

country_code is the two-letter country code (Ex. US)

Usage of the following fields will cause the order to be placed on hold:

ship_after - Send shipment after this date.

ship_before - Send shipment before this date.

draft - Explicitly places the order on hold.

note - Internal notes about the shipment such as packing instructions.

ref_number - An external reference number.

Address Validation

Airhouse supports address validation for manually created orders that are shipping domestically. This is on by default but can be disabled by your account manager.

If an order doesn't validate properly on upload, it is best to confirm that it is correct before submitting.