Add Shipping Messages in Shopify Cart
Add Shipping Messages in Shopify Cart

Add Shipping Messages in Shopify Cart

Why add custom shipping notices?

Airhouse recommends adding custom shipping notices to notify your customers about shipping carrier delays. Carrier delays can occur at any time and for any reason, including increased shipment volume or regional bad weather.

Shipping carriers still advertise their usual delivery times for different shipping methods, but after examining actual delivery times and carrier notifications, we have found that shipments from all carriers are being delivered 1-3 days slower than usual.

Also, since COVID-19, guarantees on some expedited shipping methods (2 Day) have been suspended by carriers. Although retail overnight and expedited guarantees have since been reinstated (i.e. if you ship from a UPS or FedEx store), these guarantees remain suspended for many high-volume/non-retail accounts. Airhouse recommends referencing carrier websites directly to confirm what methods each carrier currently guarantees.

Please note that Airhouse is not responsible for refunding shipments that do not meet the carrier's advertised SLAs due to carrier delay. Posting a shipping notice can help you better meet your customer's delivery expectations and reduce inquiries.

How to Add Shipping Method Notices

  1. From your Online Store sales channel, navigate to your theme and click "Customize."
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  3. From the theme options, navigate to Edit languages and then Checkout & system to find the "Shipping method notice" field.
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  5. Edit the text to whatever message you wish to notify customers checking out to, whether it be holiday delays or otherwise and save. This notice will appear in the cart when they go to checkout.
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  • Please note that shipping carriers have suspended guarantees on shipping times and all carriers are experiencing delivery delays. Allow for an additional 1-2 days for shipments to arrive, including 2 Day and Overnight methods.
  • Shipping to your location usually takes x-x business days. However, due to the holiday peak season, some customers will experience delays. Thank you for your patience!
  • Shipping times are currently delayed due to carrier service interruptions. We appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, contact us at ____________.

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